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Welcome to my webpage! I am the Director of Climate Science at Weather Source (former Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography at Texas A&M University). I am most interested in research that has immediate applications to societal needs.


My talk at the 97th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Seattle (AMS Annual Meeting 2017).


This work evaluates the predictability of the onset and withdrawal dates of the rainy season over several monsoonal regions (South and North America; West and East Africa; India and East Asia; and Northern Australia) on sub-seasonal timescales.

Original video link at the AMS website


I created a dataset of timing and intensity of the Rainy And Dry Seasons (RADS). The dataset contains the dates of onset and demise of the rainy season (one date per year), the duration of the rainy and dry seasons, and the accumulated precipitation during the rainy and dry seasons. The methodology for detection of the characteristics of the rainy season is based solely on precipitation data. The dataset was developed from multiple precipitation datasets and, therefore, shares the spatial resolution, temporal range, and limitations of the original precipitation datasets. This is the first free public dataset of the characteristics of the rainy and dry seasons created using a consistent methodology across the globe, including all major monsoonal regions.

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